Davey Pavey

tears in waves, minds on fire, nights al
2001-09-23 07:31:34 (UTC)

Bicardi Limon = Gods incarnate

Dear Bobby,

It was 8:00 Friday night and I had just gone out towards
the mall with mehul and his girlfriend. I was pretty
depressed because I had the biggest erge to play football
with bryant and the boys. I guess you could say I got
really homesick for some reason. So I came back to the
apartment contemplating on whether to go home or not, when
bryant told me they were going to a party. So I
said, "fuck this, i'm comin home". So I jumped in the car,
took my dirty undies, and hightailed it back home. Made it
home around 9:30p, met bryant at Jimmies place. Went and
got some Bicardi Limon, went back to jimmies, got wasted,
dan puked (as always!), and we danced drunkenly to
Amnesiac. Fun was had by all.

Crashed at bryant's, woke up around 11, went home, got
showered up, went back to bryant's to play some football.
Ended up playing 1 on 2 with Dan. Though it was only dan,
bryant and I, it fulfilled the void that I felt Friday
night. It's great to get back with your good friends every
now and then.

So, I came back to work saturday night, and work was long
and hectic, but now here I am. Satisfied with my weekend.
Glad I went home.