2001-09-23 07:22:52 (UTC)

Once Again

Once again we went to the ballet of "Dracula"
tonight.I took my 7 yr.old son,Korynthya also attend with
us.She and myself did the full Goth/Vampyre dress,we got in
at a discounted rate and my 7yr.old was free.Again it was
amazing even better than last night for everyone was
relaxed,all the techniques such as music and lighting where
right on cue.At intermission we adjourned outside to
smoke,my 7 yr.old then announced that "Dracula" was ugly
but only because he doesn't have long pretty hair...the
brutal honesty of a child.By the end of the show "Dracula"
had won over my 7 yr.olds heart,he just had to speak
to "Dracula"...which he did..my son told him he did a great
job.."Dracula" jokingly told my son," he was going to bite
him"..my son then growled and proceeded at that point to
tell "dracula" that if he did ."he would just bite him
back"....lol...kids will be kids but he had a great time as
did we...Everyone seemed to like our outfits..which most
looked for while on stage..the director clued the cast
in ,that we also would be in costume tonight...So wraps up
yet another adventure of my life.~slumber well~ as will I
with nocturnal visions of death dancing through my
dreams...~kisses~ M.StoneWolf