Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-02-10 18:33:04 (UTC)


Why is there never any quiet in this house?
All I wanted to do was to read a book. My family, and the
morons next door, seem to want to stop me from reading it.

Oh, and Miss R was so excited about being told her bra size
she simply had to tell everyone. "What size are you??I'm an
E!!!" Okay. She's 16, acting like a 12 year old. She's flat
chested. I asked her which shop she went to, to get that
kind of crazy size and it appears she meant D. Yep, right.
I'm a D.

My chocolate cake was nice. It actually tasted good!! I
think I'm going to make another next week. I thought I'd be
terrible at cooking.

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