2001-02-23 02:54:30 (UTC)

crying is alright. it is..

crying is alright. it is awesome and exhilirating and not
only for sadness. salty tears drip drop and release my
emotions release my fears and my happiness and my tears. o
they are only tears mam. nothing more nothing less. they
are tears but not for fears just tears for you and tears
for me to be free. to let go of the senseless emotions to
let go and let people know who i am. o sister. please don't
go crying on about me i know you are hurting and i am that
shoulder the shoulder of release the one for you to come to
when you don't know have any friends but old mr suicide.
come to me and you can be free from him. he is just getting
paid by old mr test and they are trying to make you lose
the game. they can't win when you have me though. and
besides you are you and you can do what it is you wish
because you are more then just a girl you are the world the
world of ambition and you weren't put here to take your own
life lil sis. you are here to see me and mom and pops and
all your loved ones and be loved in return. you are here to
fulfill your dreams and walk your path to enlightenment.
while i'll be at your side when you call. so when you need
me just close your eyes and call me. my telepathic phone is
on all day and night. i am always listening.