~PhAT wArz~
2003-02-10 18:09:51 (UTC)

Day 3

Today is the most crucial day on my fast. It's the day when
my body goes into the most important phase...ketoses!

Lastnight I was so hungry but I went through it without any
food. Yeah for me!!!

However, I'm still waiting for my system to get rid of the
5-10lbs of toxins locked inside me. My tummy is feeling a
bit tight and I feel really tired and a bit dizzy. This is

Days 5-7 are the euphoric days when the true benifits of
the fast are most visible. Not only physically but
internally as well.

*tummy is cramping*

Anyway, I'm not very hungry at all and this suits me just

Be back later to keep you (my dear diary) updated on my

Good things are a happenin'!

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