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2003-02-10 18:03:54 (UTC)

The "Fuck It" Virus Spreads

Here we are, another Monday, bane of my existance. Woek up
as fucking tired with SRU as I was on Friday. This weekend
didn't help either. Saturday Brian visited and we made our
trip to Joy's Japanimation, minus Heather who was out
shopping with her sisters. The guys didn't hit it off with
Brian like I'd expected, and the ride was quiet and dull.
Similarly, Joy's had very little in stock: NO POCKY! Not
even any Inuyasha posters. Jason was disappointed because
he'd wanted to pick up a box set of Dragonball Z movies,
and Joy's didn't have it. He also felt things were too
expensive. I ended up getting the latest Excel Saga DVD, 5
days before it was supposed to be released. I'm glad that I
did, because now it's easy to deal with Excel's new voice
actress. The episodes were much better than those on the
last DVD as well. Only one more to go! But the night went
downhill and just wasn't much fun.

Sunday was spent leveling up people in Suikoden 3. I'm
finished with that shit! Yes! I can finally advance the
plot! Jason is also playing through Parasite Eve for us and
it's really cool! Watching the movie only expanded my joy
for it! Napalm nifty!

Today I had problems getting started, but Dr. White
rewarded us with no quiz at the beginning of class. Thank
god, he owed us! Last night's Linguistics homework was
retarded and brain damaging. Now we've got a 5 minute
presentation on Wednesday, but since we're in pairs, I've
only got to present 2 1/2 minutes. Thank god, I can use
some no brainers until I recover my enthusiasm for school.
It's spread to all of my friends: Heidi, Jason, Hack,
Heather, Chris... We're all just depressed. It sucks big
time. Maybe I just need more sleep... I need SOMETHING, I
just don't know what!

Sleepy Squeak-Squeak.

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