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2001-09-23 07:06:27 (UTC)


is it pathetic to feel some kind of bliss when you feel
that cold drink go down your throat? that depressant drink
that numbs you, and makes you feel like youre in cloud 9?

i went drinking tonight. its been months since i've last
done that, and i have to admit, it feels good to finally
loosen up and just have fun. so much stuff has happened in
the past month(s), and i felt like i was going through some
emotional breakdown or something like that.

i didnt want to go out tonight, but i did anyways cus i
couldnt afford to let another saturday night go to waste. i
just wanted to disappear and not come back while i was in
the car cus i didnt feel like i belong. i was in a car full
of close friends, but i didnt fit in.

but as soon as i took that first sip, and feel it run down inside of
me, i felt some kind of relief. it was the answer to my
problems. i've been stressing out too much about my life
that i havent been able to just sit back and relax.

i didnt get totally drunk. i couldnt. i had to go home. but
i wouldve if i wasnt planning to go home.

im actually still kinda buzzin right now. my lips and
fingertips are like kinda numb. i didnt get caught. my
parents are like here in the living room with me right now,
and they dont know anything about me drinkin today.

i should go now thought. i need to lie down....

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