My Reality
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2003-02-10 17:22:19 (UTC)

god damn snow...

thats right fuck the snow, i am sick of this shit, im cold
im tired and all of my pants are ruined from walking in the
shit and getting muddy, and having the white ring around my
ankles from the salt....
my fucking roommate is staying, piece of shit roommate, i
cant stand it any more i would really love to have her gone
i have a fucking health and nutrition test today, god damn
it i dont want to go and im going to fail the test...
oh oh oh steve is coming in just a few days though, cant
wait, i actually get to do something romantic on valentines
day, im so excited....even if he doesnt call when he says
he will...boys, yep they lie, but oh well right, he is good
to me and i like him
umm, josh, could you ever just get things together enough
for me to be a part of your tired of being the
thing you never make time for..i love you to death but good
god man im only so strong...i miss you
can you tell im fucking tired of the snow, it puts me in a
horrible mood here lately...and now i have to walk to class
in it and then if im lucky itll still be snowing later on
at 6:15 when i have to walk to my tanning appointment, god
i love my life, just cant get enough of this fucking