Time Waster
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2003-02-10 17:21:00 (UTC)

Helloooooo...Soo....i had a..

Helloooooo...Soo....i had a decent weekend- i got no work
done which is always exciting. Saturday night i saw
Chicago with mi mates- twas very good...although i can't
figure out if it's really that much of a guys
flick...suppose it depends...but i found it to be

Song of the moment for me is "Where is my mind?" by
Pixies, which has absolutley nothing to do with Chicago,
but it's playing right now...

After the movie hunted for this party, which turn out to
be crap and then headed over to Paras' drunken bash...it
was kinda interesting to watch them play their lil
game...then off to earl's place for food and drink- ran
into Denis- hello Denis...then home, i was so ready for
bed by the time we got back- went to bed around 2 AM, had
to be up at 6 20 AM for shootin the muir movie...but i
went back to sleep til 7 10 and freaked out cause i had 10
min before catching a ride to the set...no worries- i made
it! Then i spent the next like 6 hours waiting for them
to call me to film...! So i only filmed two brief shots
of me over the course of around 9 hours cause we didn't
finish till after 4...by the way it was the funeral
scene...my funeral scene- so their was a casket and
pictures of me up around it- bizarre, but i really didn't
make the connection between the casket and the pictures-
so it didn't really feel like i was at my own funeral or
anything...that and the extras have no resemblance to my
family...anyways, felt like iw as gonna collapse at end of
day, exhausted! Alrighty i've written like an essay now so
i'll ttya all laters- ciao

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