A Day In The Life Of Me
2001-09-23 06:51:39 (UTC)

Trip To Reno

Well, today was a really long, if not productive day.

I went to Reno with members of our police department to
meet with members from other police and fire departments in
Reno today as a bit of a social get-together. And all-in-
all it was a rather good day. Except for the fact that I
had to do push-ups until I puked. No really. I threw up.
(All over the baseball field. I don't think the people who
used it next were all too pleased). Anyway, I took home a
gold medal for being the person there that did the most
push-ups. Came close though. I did 45 and a guy from Reno
FD came in a close second with 44. I think if I didn't get
that extra burst at the end, I woulda been screwed.

But something happened today that I didn't think would ever
happen in my lifetime. I got a girl's phone number! In
fact, I got Six of them! Six! I need to go out and buy a
little black book to celebrate the occasion.

With what happened, I figure I must not be the reason why
I'm still single. I've always considered myself to be
funny, sweet, charming, smart, and all those other good
qualities girls look for, but apparently girls up till now
haven't agreed with me on that. But because 6 of them
apparently did today (Otherwise I prolly wouldn't have
gotten numbers), I realized it's not me. It's the snobby,
stuck-up bitches that live in this town. They go for the
guys with the looks, and the brain the size of a
raisinette. Or the guys with the cash, but with the
personality of a celery stalk.

Anyway, I'm happy. My self-esteem and self-pride have both
took huge leaps today and I haven't felt this good about
myself since... Well... Probably ever.