Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-10 14:51:47 (UTC)

Not Bloody Likely

Go Vicki, smooth moving at the end

Email From Vicki:

I have tried to get in contact with a friend who likes to
shop at ikea too, and she could take me, but she is very
hard to get a hold of. I thought about hiring a car for
the day but I have had people say to me "you want to
drive in Melbourne??" It may be cheaper and for me to hire
a car anyway. Do you have any idea how much it might be for
a taxi from the airport to Nunawading? it might be the
same price, but much better for the fact that I have
transport to get me around the place. You could always tag
along to give me directions, or... can you drive?? LOL.


My response "NOOOOO I will not be your chauffer." I mean
god, the cheek of it. I'm nice, but I'm not gonna tag along
to freakin Ikea all the way over at bloody Moorabbin. I
don't even wanna imagine what sort of torture I would be
partaking in and putting upon myself. She can bloody bring
her scooter across. Prolly suckerface Garry is using it.
But god..Get stuffed is all I can say..Actually I'll give
her dickwads phone number and he can tag along with her,
cause he's such a nice guy and all and is always helping
people out in the community and wives, whose husbands are
away and these poor women need their whole bathrooms redone
while their husband is away. So while Garry is off
scootering Dickwad can take Little Vicki to Ikea. Sounds
like a bloody dandy idea to moi. Up there for thinking 99.
Sounds like a whole new exciting series. Dickwad and Little
Vicki go to Ikea. Hmmmmmmm.

Little Vicki: I just can't decide. A third person should be
involved. There has to be a third person.
Dickwad: *poink* I have a good friend called Jen. She can
be the third person to help you decide.
Jen: Hi Vicki, I'm Jenny Hastings. I'm a lesbian.I'm also
a ranger.I have a daughter called Michelle and she's 7. No
wait, she's 9. Oh make that 12. And if you accuse me of
lying I'm going to have an anxiety attack
Little Vicki: You look the same as dickwad.
Jen: Are you saying I am male? Hold there while I throw my
childish tantrum and rave on with the same word for about
10mins and then disappear.
Little Vicki: That's ok. I really just want to find a bed
that will suit with my self draped over it in a white

Fuck that!..I can't be fagged going on with that crap.
Enough to make ya puke just thinking of that mob of
dickheads someplace!!!

I'm tired. My squash game has finally worn me out. So I
think I'm just gonna plonk my arse into beddles and snoodle
off. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

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