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2001-09-23 05:37:40 (UTC)


Laura M. (different Laura than I've talked about before)
and I went to the fair tonight to actually have fun. I met
her up there after her shift, even though I was about 50
minutes late cuz I traffic was horrible, and my mother was
being (INCREDIBLY) anal retentive. But we had fun once I
finally got there. It also helped that we knew all the
security people ;). So we rode the rides, and flirted with
the hot carnies, and engaged in general debauchery. In
short, we had fun. It was kinda interesting, cuz most
everyone has only seen me in uniform, which is pretty no-
nonsense (but I like it), and tonight I was wearing skin
tight jeans with conveniently placed holes, and a halter
top. I was walking with a couple of the PD kids for a
little while, and everyone was giving us really weird
looks. It was pretty funny. Laura M. is pretty punky, and
when she was walking with them, someone thought they were
arresting her! Laura M. wanted to play tonsil hockey with
the guy at the pizza stand with the awesome tongue ring, so
we hung around there, and flirted with him and his hot
friend. We met him when we went over to get ice, and he
was going to make us pay for a cup, so we held our hands
out, and he scooped us some ice. We stole a cup from Ceven
later, and came back. Ceven's a sweetie. He's a new cadet
in our post. We have a serious shortage of cute guys in
our post. A couple of the PD kids are ok, (I wouldn't mind
a peice of Mike, he's really hot, but the thing is, he
knows but none of ours. Oh well. Tomorrow is
the last day of the fair, and the end of an *ahem*
interesting experience.

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