Deb's messed up life
2001-09-23 05:33:02 (UTC)

I've been reading

I've just been reading some of the other journals that
others have written and I feel that I kinda went overboard
on the one I wrote a little while ago. I can't believe I
am so whiney. Everyone else said that they are either
happy or doing things to get them there. Why I am I just
wallowing in my sorrow when I can get off my behind and do
something? I am gonna start meeting new people (perhaps
guys), going out on the weekends, etc. I need to have fun
and realize that life does go on. This whole depression
thing will pass and the world is not gonna end. I'm such a
baby sometimes.

But I still miss Aaron no matter what. I am always ready
for him to come back to me but I'm not gonna wait for him.
I'll live in the meantime. I'm going to sleep now. Church
will make me feel better tomorrow. I hope he's there but
if he's not, I won't be crushed.