The void
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2003-02-10 11:27:43 (UTC)


heeellloooo!i haven't been online all weekend! wow, what a
breakthrough for me! iv'e been out socialising with the
beautiful people.(my real m8s).on saturday night me, skye,
jodie, shazam, uncle sam, mike,and james went to the cinema
and then we went to the noodle bar! i really like mike.but
then again who doesn't?he would never be interested in me
anyway number one; because no one is interested in me so
why should he be? two; he goes for punky kinda girls,
not 'goths' three; he hates skinny girls and i'm extremely
skinny. ven though i'm a size 12 i still look horribly
thin :(. shazam liked him too. i feel sorry for her the
fact that she's been single for so long seems to really
bother her..anyway mikes leaving in september to go to uni
in better not get too attached. :( TYPICAL! SO
anyway, somethings happened with joe,skye,jodie and sam
iv'e just heard. apparently skye wants to talk to me and
needs my advice!i'm SHITE AT ADVICE when it comes to her!
anyone else i'm fine with but she always manages to sort
herself out and never needs my advice anymore.argh.this
must have happened yesterday.when i wasn't there.another
little 'meet up'.
she's just perfect skye is.she's so fucking pretty even a
TOWNIE hit on her!she's got a great figure, a job ,a
boyfriend,a great personality. she may not have the family
to back it all up but that resluts in her having
independence and the ability to look after herself,
something else i haven't got.
i didn't go to my keyskills lesson this morning, because i
needed more sleep.i'm in so much shit with the college and
my mum now. i'm just digging my own grave, but with my
nails, some one give me a shovel.
i'm going to go to my english lesson though, that's very
when i started writing this i was in an ok mood now i'm
just pissed off!and all i can smell is ciggarettes and i
don't smoke anymore! fucking hell!i'm going before i put my
fist through the screen!