Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-10 10:39:38 (UTC)

5. Enrique - Hero (2002).

I'd never been a big fan of the song as it came out - I
probably didn't even know anything about Enrique apart
from his dad, so when the single was dropping down the
chart at a rate of knots it was no problem for me. In fact
I probably cheered its fall from grace.

Then, one morning something changed all that. For some
reason I was lying in bed after 9a.m. as one of my
housemates made their way downstairs (Yes, everyone knows
this story, but I love it) and instead of the "Mornin'"
that has become traditional - in fact only yesterday the
same gent said "I knew you'd had a big night Friday 'cos
there was no "Mornin'" as I went past your door" - I sang,
badly (Is there any other way?) "I could be your hero
baby!" and then just cracked up laughing. We were both
laughing for many minutes afterwards. After that, the
popularity just snowballed, throughout February and into
March, to the extent that I got the single for my birthday
from my joker housemates.

Better than the Beadle autobiography that cost 25p the
year before.

Now its descended into almost-farrago. Any time word
ending in 'o' comes up. "I could be Hierro, baby" "You are
my Diego, baby" "Can I use your flymo, baby" can see
them all with the look of shame I feel almost now. Not
really. Its been a great bonding song.