Visions Of Life
2001-09-23 05:16:41 (UTC)

When It's Over, It's Over..

Hmmmm... well... I basically got a "fuck you" from my
supposed best friend. Damn.. Whats kind of nuts is I dont
really care that much. I care but not like I should. I'm
not even crying. The way I'm seeing it right now, she
wasn't that good of a friend. She didn't support anything I
did, she was never there for me, not even during the
darkest moments in my life, She critisized everything about
me and was always trying to change me.. I mean, I was
always there for her. I was always a shoulder to cry on, a
person to vent to and I always gave her advice. She did
none of that. So.. FUCK HER! Enough said..