sTePh'S wOrLd
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2003-02-10 09:23:59 (UTC)

Hmmm... let's see

Well, I wrote a letter to a pregnant friend of mine, Joey. I really wish that I could see her, but she lives in nc and I can't right now. She's 7 mos. now and is very excited. I am too!! She's got his name picked out already and everything. I often wonder what it will be like when I am pregnant, if I'll be happy and what it'll feel like. Also, what it's like to create a piece of myself, my very own son or daughter. I dream about it a lot. I hope that when I do have a child that I raise him/her the right way, w/ good morals and all. I've been lucky to have not gotten pregnant by now, though unfortunately I'm not having sex at the moment. :( It seems like most of my friends have kids already, and are still kids in a sense themselves. Anyways, I know that I'll have a kid when it's the right time, and that time hasn't came yet. Oh, I also received a call from Betsy (she used to be my roomate when I lived in nc, but she's like a sister to me). It was nice talking to her since we haven't spoke in awhile. I had her call Randy for me, to tell him that my calling card wouldn't work, and he said he'd call me tomorrow. I can't wait to talk to him. I shouldn't set myself up to be hurt, though it's very hard. So, I haven't heard much from Nick (my so-called bf). He used to call me every night like clockwork, but lately he hasn't been calling for days. I'm a little worried about him. Although I've never met him, I still care for him. It's strange. I don't care for him like Randy though. I'm not sure I could ever love anyone as much as him. I should probably get to sleep. I should probably also look for a job tomorrow too, but we'll see about that. Oh, my brother got his income tax and he's supposed to put his car on the road tomorrow. That's good, it'll help out a lot. I might go w/ them while they shop, but I'm not sure b/c that's not much fun. Well, sweet dreams to me... Going to mu lonely bed...

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