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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
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2001-09-23 05:04:44 (UTC)

Death Becomes Amber

Or, it will after I strangle her. Hah, just kidding.
The girl will not work to save her soul. So. TJ sent her
to Toys to help Kort. At least she picked up boyswear.
But I had to be a bitch about it to get her to do
anything. She's already begun to corrupt the brand new
girl. But Amber is going to the registers on Monday, so
we'll be rid of her and her lack of effort. I wish S had
been here today, but she's off this weekend-it's her
consolation prize, I guess. But not a very good one. Damn
Bill and his stupidity and deceit. Tomorrow will be
probably an even bigger hell than today. I had to kill all
of the endcaps in Infants today. All modular items had to
be removed and boxed. I had to scan everything first to
see if it hadn't been deleted, clearanced, or was a promo.
Then, once I'd filled two buggies, I had to find boxes. I
ended up bumming one from A in shoes, and stealing the rest
from layaway. It took two and a half hours of my time.
Then I went to dinner with D and L right afterwards. I ate
fruit al fresco, and it was very nice. However, the hour
was entirely too short and I trudged back inside with a
heavy heart.

I busted my rear trying to zone girls, since I was
already hours behind schedule. I finally finished that
around 10:30ish. Then, off to boys... I finished that
just before midnight, thanks to my extraordinary ability to
run around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut
off. Then, I was off to the fitting room to write up my
claims. I straightened a few racks in ladies, and then I
heard the magic words from TJ's "sex on a stick" (hehe!)
voice, "Attention all second shift associates..." Home
free at last.

And here I sit. My body is completely exhausted; I
didn't even get a 15 minute break tonight. I almost never
take two, but sometimes I at least get to take one. Not
this evening, however. Oh, well. I got the job done and
TJ the taskmaster was pleased. I hope he has a favorable
opinion of me, because I've heard that if he doesn't like
someone, they're in for it. He's a good assistant manager,
though. He deserves his own store. Unlike a certain
Barney-esque Bill I know...

Anyhoo, enough about work. Good thing: my dad and I
are getting along very well. So is my mother and I. Bad
thing: My sister has constantly been stealing my money and
nothing is being done about it. I've been doing all that I
can, short of beating the shit out of her. I swear, I
cannot stand J. I don't think I'd cry or really feel sad
at her funeral if she were to die today.

Sad that this is my last thought for the night, but
it's the truth and I'm no liar. My love for telling the
truth has gotten me into a pickle a few times, but the
truth always prevails and it should be heard. Until next
time, I remain the forever honest


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