Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-10 08:30:25 (UTC)

fill in time before squash

I looked at that lesbian Tatu video clip. It's all a load
of nappy rash I think. Just some dirty old man, aiming at
the dirty old man market, by getting two young girls
together and telling them Ok ya gonna be lesbians and sing
and make video clips of you in school girl outfits and you
are gonna get all wet. From the rain that is. And you are
going to kiss and touch as the rain falls. Only thing it
reminds me of is something I have said for a very long time
about white shirts and rain. One day!

The kiddies from next door have already asked where the car
is. We just got home yesterday and like adding water to
noodles we had instant kiddies running around the yard. I
don't even know where they came from. Just woosh it's the
kiddies with blackberries and they are still convinced my
name is Maggie. Maggie! I don't even look like a Maggie.
That's because I'm NOT a Maggie and nor will I be a Maggie.
Mad kids!!! Maybe I could turn Mad and become Mad Maggie
and scare the utter shit out of them, so they never return
and I'll get this neighbourhood repuation of being "Mad
Maggie" and kids will be scared and run passed the driveway
and Mat would be Mad Mat and he could grrrrr at them.
Sounds like a plan...*mwuahahahaha*