Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-23 04:43:46 (UTC)

How Pathetic Am I?

I was supposed to go to chads formal with him today, well
that was before he dumped me, and before he dumped me I had
planned this outfit out, and it was so pretty, it was that
pleted skirt, and a red 3/4 sweater, with my cute lined
stockings, and my red baby doll slippers, cause i know or
knew fo that matter that he didnt like me challenging the
fact that i was taller than he, i told him that was
the "little-man complex", just joking really. And this
outfit, i spent 52$ on the skirt, 15$ on the shoes 4$ one
the stockings, and 15$ on the shirt, i was going to wear
the double layer red and black bra and underwear set, and
it was all set out, and today i had to put it away, but i
looked to the supposed "bright side" which is that its
okay, cause the shoes didnt exactly match the shirt like
they were supposed to. Will thought that was kinda funny.
He went with Ani a good friend of his, yes, i talked to him
today, and he got his own copy of mallrats i think it was.
he talked to will too, that had to be fun, i just sat
there, i didnt want to talk, i didnt want nothing, just to
be alone, like i was, but will and ashley and chris got me
to move, and wills rents are awsome and love me! and
another "good" thing, me and emmy, played phone tag, all
day in fact. I still dont know what to write for a short
story for english. confusses, but going to go, ta ta