Journal o' Matt
2001-09-23 04:37:23 (UTC)

First Shot

Well, this is my first shot at the whole journal thing.
LiveJournal would seem to be better, but they aren't all
that free. But whatever, I need to write more.

Ever had one of those days where you actually seem
motivated? Today was one. I did a little BASIC
programming on my old IIe. I made an AOL soda machine on
there that does essentially nothing but take your money.
It was surprisingly fulfilling. Then I got online to see
that Scott decided I was giving him a ride home. But alas,
no car.

So I became lazy, and watched mindless TV. When you have
no sleep, Dexter's Lab CAN actually be amusing. But I got
a car, got a Scott, took a Spazz to a house, gained a
cookie. We went and mocked the ducks in the pond awhile.
There's this awesome sculpture there of Jesus, and as you
move, His eyes follow you. Oh, by the way, never carry a
couch on the back of a pick-up truck. Accesories may fly

Then I came back here and made a CD (I love burners). And
listened to it and Scott's new one. Watched a tad of CNN.
Tried to call the non-existant Whittney. Went down to the
carnival that was closing up. Went downtown to do

Then I gained the car again, and me and Scott went out,
where he gained a free sqeegie (however it might be
spelled). Then we went to Fazoli's, and found out they had
no cheese. So, still famished, we went to McDonalds. My
friend Kevin was working there, and had been for many
hours. He took it out on the drive-thru people by saying
such things as "Pull up to the black man at the second
window" and "Welcome to McDonalds. You're gonna have to
wait a minute unless you really really wanna order now."
Not a bad day. I have to leave at 7 a.m. tomorrow though.

Quote of the Day:
"kevin lomax: is this a test?
pam: isnt everything?"

- the devils advocate

Song of the Day: "Live Out Loud" by Steven Curtis

Contemplating now more than ever why I associate with
Matt the Liked By People He Doesn't Know