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2003-02-10 06:44:49 (UTC)

GOD WHY ME2/10/03

Im trying to think of some really good reasons to go on
living but thats kinda hard to do.Just some things in my
life arent right and never will be.So why keep lying to
yourself and telling yourself things will change.Richard is
a friend of mine,hes great.Sad eh that just because
someones fat they dont get loved.Like trying to fit into a
size 3 when your a size 22.I hate my ex husband he can so
rot in hell!!!!!And when people say'you have such a pretty
face'.Thats the same as saying.Your pretty but still fat.I
miss some things I use to have.Like someone to sleep next
to.Someone to kiss me,hold me love me.Someones touch just
to know their listening to what I have to say.Ya know
people lie,things never do get better.I do believe Im
having a breakdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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