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2001-09-23 04:22:22 (UTC)

This is a temp.

OpenDiary is a bitch. You wanna know why? They shut down
for two days with no reason said, then when it's available,
they'll let me access my new notes, see if people have
updated their diaries, and such, everything I can do EXCEPT
I haven't been able to write all week!
Well right now I really don't have anything to write
because I'm just pissed off at them and wish them to hell.
So I'm gonna be here for a little bit. I'll probably come
back here when they have problems.
Let's see, I had a depressing week. My friends sold me
out, then when I try to do the same, I get even more sold
out. Sound complicated? Deal.
I only had to work twice this week. After my child labor
kill week last week, I've decided to quit Sonic at the end
of the year. I've already been there a year and can't
stand it anymore.
I'm obsessed with 311 and Nick Hexum. Just about the
hottest guy on Earth, along with Josh Moore. Well, they
both look alike so they're both going to be equally hot.
I'm going to marry Josh Moore. He has a girlfriend right
now though, but I can wait. I've waited about four years
so far, what's another couple going to hurt me?
Had my orientation for the Humane Society today. I'm
getting more excited about volunteering there now.
Am running more. I ran 2-4 miles tonight in 30 minutes,
well, jogged and walked. But that's better than my running
a 1/4 mile couple of days ago then getting sick because I
was sick earlier on and had too much to eat. Haven't run
since about July.
Am waiting everyday for the 311 concert. I may stay there
all night and not show up at school the next day.
Ahhh...gonna fuck Nick. Gah what a hottie.
All I can think of is Nick right now. So I'm leaving.
Hope you will enjoy my diary.

- K