All in the Night
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2001-09-23 04:06:43 (UTC)


I got roses today!!!! It was so sweet. The first part of
my day was pretty boring, i had to get up early and go to a
parade...it was cool thought b/c i got to hang out with
Andrew and Amanda and Cj and stuff..then i came home and
tried to go to sleep but everytime i layed down the phone
rang!!! So anyways, then i went ot the church picnic wher
ei saw Melissa, my best friend wince i was like 2, but we
hadnt' been tlakign b/c we were mad at each other but then
we made up and everything was cool from then. OK so then i
went home and got ready to go out with Chad...i wasn't even
close to being ready when he got to my house but i guess it
gave him a minute to talk to my parents. OK he told me
earlier in the week that he had a surprise for me and, even
thogh it "fell apart", it was still a very sweet idea. He
brought me roses (hence the title) and then we went out to
eat at Ruby Tuesdays in the mall. OK so then my big
surprise was suppose to be a moonlit carriage ride through
Old Salem, but he said that when he called the day after he
talked to me, they told him that they quit giving them like
sometime last week and would only do it at holidays now :(
BUt it was like the sweetest idea. OK so then we went to
play puttputt and we ran into Melissa and her bf, and we
all played a game together...la-di-da-di-da, you know hwere
it goes from there. Ok so after a while we came home and
of course Chad took Amber's advice and FINALLY kissed
me...i'm so confused about what (or should i say who) I want now.I
dont know, maybe it's just b/c i'm running on a big ol' 3 hours of
sleep today!!!!!! But i dont know, i'm confused... yeah, all b/c of
this weekend. For those of you there, you know what i'm talking
about....agh...boys boys boys! NEways, i guess i'm through
for the night so this is me signing out!