Wings With Love
2001-09-23 03:28:10 (UTC)

Poem- You Hurt My Soul

Tell me, please tell me,
what did I do,
to make you treat me as you do?

I reflect on all of my childhood past
Seems as though I have always
seemed last.

I never felt you cared for me,
even though you say you do.
And if this is so,
then tell me why my heart
still feels blue from you.

I never felt that bond,
a mother and daughter should have

And I feel jealous
of the man I love,
because he has what I don't have.

I learned to close my eyes,
and shut out feelings too.
It was so much easier than
to end up feeling sad and blue.

Once you said one thing to me,
to shut my heart off to you.
Because I would not let you
control me like you chose to do.

You made me do things,
I did not want
You hurt me so deep inside
But still I forgave you,
and in my heart I really
do no know why.

Our relationship still is not
and it can never be.
I can never trust you,
you will just have to let it be.