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2003-02-10 04:06:36 (UTC)


Juli is over right now. she is watching a spice girls
movie. i remember when i liked the spice girls in like the
thrid grade. good times... sort of. today was a fun day. i
stayed up last night until 3 am, just talking online with
mack and fil forver and ever. i should never have sugar at
11 at night. last night, cyndi and maria and brittany came
over. we watched night at the roxbury for the millionth
time. then i performed for them. i made up a dance routine
and a song and then we did the Fart Skits. i'm so glad i
made those up, because they are the source of a lot of
entertainment in some very dull moments. wee!!!! oh yea,
and i performed a song from my opera that i'm writing
called Biznatch. it's going to be done soon. i need people
to be in it! anyway... so yea... back to talking about
today.... i went to my lesson this morning, after getting 5
hours of sleep, then i met juli, and my dad picked us up
and we went to horton plaza. and then we met up with ben
and mack and blaine. we went in sanrio and acted like
psychos. i want a bed made out of mocha! then we came home,
and juli had a little mermaid song book, so we sang some
songs. and then we sang heard it through the grapevine, and
the geographical fugue. fun times... alright, well, i'm
going to have sex with juli and finish watching the spice
girls. love, miss malcolm