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Could He be for me?
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2003-02-10 03:54:38 (UTC)

all healed

Well the wisdom tooth extraction sucked!!! lOl
Its still a big sore (ouch). But Happy news I have my baby
back! hooray. We are back together which is great cause I
really want him in my life. We went to Ft Collins together
on Saturday and spent the night there. Had some fun saw
some friends... was with my darling all day which is super.

But on the down side of that I got yelled at by my dad for
just calling and tellin him that i was staying there
without prior notice. When I came home on sunday afternoon
I got reemed out for like thirty minutes... upside to that
is he finally acknowledged me as a woman and not his baby.
But dear goodness he almost cried telling me how worried he
was and how I am his favorite and best child (yikes) he
tried making me feel guilty by sayin that i could have died
on the highway and he would never have known. A little bit
too much drama for me.
He tried accusing me of doing drugs and drinking and
sexing in a round about way. I got my two cents in by
telling him that I dont go drinking (to get drunk anyway)
or do drugs (never have) and I dont just get on guys (just
nick *wink*). So hopefully he can trust in that.
Oh well on to another week of fun I guess. lol... Vday has
got me nervous.. I dont know what Im expecting.. I dont
want to expect to much because i dont want to be
dissapointed in it.. I have some stuff in Mind for nick but
i dont quite know what I'm gonna do I havent ever done
something for a guy on v day.
If you got somthin i could do let me know lol.
Ta ta for now!
~peace out~

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