Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
2003-02-10 03:49:46 (UTC)

Reasons to be anorexic

- Want Jon to stay with me and not leave me for someone

- Cannot be sucsessful if your fat

- Want to wear cut3e clothes at all times.

- Be able to wear a bikini without people thinking how
gross I look.

- People won't be ableto hurt me by using my weight as
an "attack"

- I could be happy with myself

- When I go to college I can start a new life

- I could be in the media if I wanted or wished to.

- Better health

- My children have a better chance of not being overweight

- I could be able to run or do physical activites without
being totally out of breath

- Could start ballett again

- Modeling actually an option

- Wouldn't be cautious about sitting in a seat wearing

- People won't make fun of me

- Grandparents couldn't compare me to other girls by weight

- Doctor couldn't critize me over how overweight I am

- Wouldn't be diagnosed with moderate obesity

- Could work-out in halter tops and not baggy shirtst with
basketball shorts

- could play volleyball beacuse i would look ok in the
tight ass-cut shorts

- Could change in the locker room in front of other girls
without feeling dirty

- Would be invited to more places

- Would have more friends

- Could actually look pr3etty at prom, and events such as
Jr. Miss, etc.

- Happiness from being skinny would make me happier in
other aspects of life

- Wouldn't have to be scareda bout walking through tight
spaces in order to get somewhere.

- Could be a cheerleader or on the dance team

- Coach't wouldn't give me XL's

- Woudln't have to resort to Summer.(long story)

- I will be able to sh ow off my bellybutton ring and not
suck in or feel fat.

- I won't hav3e to always suck-in or look at a
mirror/reflection every opportunity to see if I look fat.

- Won't be scared to sit in charis, benches, etc. because
they may squeek

- When I walk in the mud, I won't leave deep imprints

- So I can enjoy life

- I won't have to waste time bye writing lists like this

- So I can stop wishing I was even more anorexic or

- Maybe then I can stop looking at pro0anorexic and pro-
belihemia websites 2-3 hours a night.

- So I can prove to my parents, and family taht I really
c0ould loose so much weight

- I won't compare myself to even ugly girls

- I can wear cute jewlrey, etc.

These are a couple of reasons I want to be
anorexic....weight in august - 213...weight now February -

- I won't be embarrased to wear cute panties and bras

- Any guy could hold me aroun the waste and not feel like
I'm huge or he can't walk

- Could walk on someone's back to give them a massage

- When I tell people my measurements I won't be ashamed

- Co9uld go clubbing and wear whatever I wanted to

- I could get my tattoo and be abot to show it off and not
be ashamed

- I could wear low-rise or hip-hugging pants

- Could fit into a size 3,4, or 5

- Not worry about what kind of swimsuit I could wear but
which one I actually wanted to

- My friends wouldn't have to purposely adjust the scale
to make it look like I was lighter.

- My tummy woudn't ocme out of my shirt when I wsat down

- Jon wouldn't be so mean to me after I was just so nice
to him.