Wings With Love
2001-09-23 03:18:45 (UTC)

A Little About Me

I chose the name Flutterwings because I love butterflies.
They are so beautiful. They are so elegant and free. They
are soft and gentle. They break easily. Their wings are
all that protects their hearts.

I am an average woman. I am divorced with 3 children. I
have a wonderful man in my life after 13 years of being
alone. Actually I was involved with a married man for
about 1 year. He was my very first love. I knew all from
the very beginning that our relationship would never be
fullfilled, but then "Love is blind". I always told him to
be honest with me because at least I would be able to go
on. My heart would hurt but I would survive. If he lied
to me then he would break my heart and I would not be able
to go on.

And so he was honest with me. But alas my heart was still
broken. He was everything to me. He told me that I needed
to find someone who could give me all that he couldn't. He
knew all the things I wanted in a relationship. I WANTED

And it was so strange because just shortly after our
conversation I met up with a man who I grew up with when I
was a child. He is 3 years younger than myself. And I
swear that it was FATE that we met. We liked each other
when we were kids although we both were very shy.

I initiated the onset of our relationship and we have been
together for a little over one year.

As far as the other man who was in my life....I will never
forget him. He brought out many things inside of me that I
was afraid of. He brought out the woman inside of me. And
in our last conversation which was almost one year ago I
told him he would always live in a part of the corner of my
heart. But I have now (with the man I am with now)
everything and even more that my ex love could not give

My LOVE is a very good man to me. He cares very much for
my well being. And cares very much for my children and my
children feel the same.

So if for some of you out there think that you will never
find your true love then you are wrong. Because when you
least expect it, it shows up right in front of you.

I love to write poetry. I have several places on the web
where I have my poetry. I write to help me get through my
life's ups and downs. I have a whole web page dedicated to
my LOVE. So you will read now and then a poem I have
written and I would appreciate any comments.

Again I say I am a simple woman with good values and high
morals. I feel like I am a butterfly at times. My wings
protect my heart. My LOVE is my blue butterfly and I know
for a fact he would not hurt the wings that cover my heart,
but then never would I ever do that to him either.

Take care..........Flutterwings

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