Book of Suicide
2003-02-10 03:09:05 (UTC)


society is such a relentless warrior. no, not a warrior, a
dictator. a relentless dictator dictating how you must
live and if you oppose you will be ostracized. ostracized
or hidden. these communities that we reside in are
corrupt. no drugs, no violence, no feelings are
permitted. we are sculpted to fit a "perfect" mold. the
things that go on behind closed doors are frightening, but
they are hidden, therefore they do not exist. no children
are beaten, no one is killed, and no one mutilates their
bodies. all of these are believed because they are not
seen. however, when a bold soul brings forth a message of
reality, society shuns them from their perfect world full
of perfect families constructed of perfect people. lies.
wicked lies. they are lying. of course they are lying,
nothing so heinous could ever be conceived in the land of
perfection. this dictatorship demands too much of a world
so fragile. many of us common people suffer. we suffer in
fear, anguish, and many more muddled emotions. but we
never, ever, suffer alone. we suffer in different places,
for different reasons, in different worlds, but that common
thread of sufferage is what binds us. strength in numbers,
strength in voice, strength in awareness. perfection will
never, can never, be achieved.
perfection is the gossiper's brew.

thank you ash
you aren't alone