Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-09-23 02:47:01 (UTC)


Whoa.. did I do some major cleaning today! I mean, I just
went on a frenzy. I filled 2 trash bags full of things I
don't need like.. old shoes, shoe boxes, jeans that are
like.. 4 years old that I haven't worn since I was 15.
haha:) It was crazy! But.. it made me feel so much better.
I also did thoe whole seasonal closet rearranging. I took
all of my summer clothes out and put them downstairs in the
storage room, and brought all my fall/winter clothes up
from the storage room and put them in my closet:) I love
fall/winter clothes. They're great:) So.. needless to say,
my closet is probably the most clean/organzied room in the
whole house now! haha

So.. big disappointing news of today. Ohio State lost. Suck
butt. It wasn't even much of a game.. I mean.. there wasn't
very many points scored, and well, it just wasn't exciting
enough for me. I got bored with it after the 3rd quarter.

Amy had better bring my J Crew jacket back to me. That
thing was expensive and she said she just wanted
to "borrow" it for the ballgame. This, obviously, was
before she just up and left the game with Vee and Des.
Whatever. She better not even try and take that back to
school with her. I swear I'll drive there and get it back.
I shoulda known... I mean.. after all... I never got my
Nelly CD back after she "borrowed" it. Ugh. Big Clepto... :)