Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-09-23 02:25:24 (UTC)

i'm da shit

that's not a good thing.
my friend asked for advice today and i was so damn stupid.
i mean, i blame it being sick, because that's the easy
thing to do. of course, it was awful being yelled at when
i have a headache and the begining of an earache and then
to be asked for advice, like my opinion is worth having!
well, that just scares me. i can't think strait and i was
on the way to bed when he called so i was super tired and
stuff, even though i slept most of the afternoon, but
anyways, i couldn't think enough to give good advice. so i
did what i'm good at... stun and confuse and be so wishy
washy that he thinks i gave him good advice when i really
just repeated his options and told him the good and the bad
of each option. damn, i'm good. well, it wasn't really
easy since he spoke abstractly and i had an odd inkling
that maybe he was talking about me... which was a little
odd and awkward...
anyways... i'm tired and sick and i still have nitequil in
my system, even after sleeping most of it off this

~caroline j.