Lets talk about life
2003-02-10 01:32:56 (UTC)

Hey what is up..

Me and omi have solved our little problem and we r both
goin to talk to our friends and tell them that everythin is
over and that it will not be started again.. it will not
be.. anyway, i am glad it is over cuz i am tired of it and
this childish shit.. if they dont get over it then they can
be little bitches and not.. but at least me and omi and who
ever get over it wont make asses out of ourselves.. we will
be the bigger kids and walk away.. they wont.. that is the
thin with high school. it is nothin but drama and shit..
WILL THE DRAMA EVER END. GUESS NOT. that is all our school
is drama this and drama that.. ppl get tired of it but do
they try to put an end to it no. they let keep goin.. it is
stupid. if u dont want drama try to prevent it or dont let
it start in the first place..god damn.. anyways i am goin
to go cuz my sister wants to get on...

(a.k.a. Christina)