i will hold you close
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2001-09-23 01:54:33 (UTC)

my very first entry

I previously used opendiary.com, but I think it will be on
the outs pretty soon, so I found this place and I created a
diary here.


I've had a fairly good week. I haven't gotten enough sleep
though, but that's okay. I had my reasons. I had a
President's test in US History, I wasn't feeling very
confident about that because I couldn't get them memorized,
I tried so many different ways, but nothing worked. I'm not
good at memorization. A lot of my grade in Spanish is
memorization, we have so many orals we have to do. So I'm
making a pretty crappy grade in there because of that. I
just really don't like Spanish either. I'm dropping it if I
don't have to take it next year. I love US History. I like
to keep up on current events and I just love learning about
history in general.

I worked today from 9-5pm. I literally worked my ass off.
The magazine shelves at the library are so gross, they're
covered with dust. I sprayed cleaner on them and wiped them
down really well. Then I dusted some book shelves. I earn
my pay there. The other girl there is really lazy, she
won't shelve the videos just because she doesn't like to do
it. Wah! I hate putting up nonfiction books, but
heck I do it. It's part of your job. No one's supposed to
like their job, so she just better get over it. Okay I need
to calm down...lol. Lazy ppl piss me off. But who I am to
say that, everyone's lazy sometimes.

Well I think I'm going to go and start on my Earth Science
homework and study for my President's test. (I'm sure I
failed it)I can take it again this Friday, and I'm going to
have to probably.

Oh Steph, your doggy's so cute! Even if he is mean
sometimes to me! =) hehe


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