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2001-09-23 01:35:09 (UTC)


here some lyrics I wrote about us going to war against
Afgainstin (spelling?):

An eye for an eye will make the world blind
That’s what Gandhi said
I never realized how right he was
Until now
People don’t know what they are saying
When they say that they want to go to war
And kill whoever hurt them so bad
More innocent people are going to be dead
Stray tears are going to turn to fountains
People just don’t understand
When they want war
Be careful what they wish for
Soon they will get what they want
More innocent people are going to be dead
That’s when they are going to realize
They should’ve hope for something else
Past is set in stone
Then it will be too late
Doesn’t matter what people will say
Time will make it hurt more
Time will make it hurt

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