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2003-02-10 00:21:55 (UTC)

WOOHOO anti-valentine's day

So, like most people, this week rolls around and im single.
oh well! this year im not caring much.
matter of fact, im not caring at all!
you know why? becuz not matter wot i do, im going to be
single. single for a very long time (and yes, at this
point, its by my choice.)
i cant seem to find a guy who fits my "list" of things.
or, i just wanna be friends (and that right there usually
kills it for the guy).
now, im not being arrogant here, its more like
all of which arent going to change by friday, so why worry
aobut getting a card and crappy chocolates
instead im going to embrace my singleness and do something
fun like read or watch bad movies.
either way im happy about it
(btw, if you wanna be my valentine, hehe. ask. you never
know wot might happen)