of the last

of the last
2003-02-10 00:21:35 (UTC)

sick as hell

so im sitting here sick as fuck. for 4 god damend fucking
weeks i have been sick. how messed up is that. damnit i
want to feel better again it sucks. so today was training
for youth and government where we got there 2 hours early
because we were told to be there at 11:15. which actually
we were only supposed to be at the ymca at that time to
catch the bus. so we ate at einsteines bagels and then
proceeded to y and g. it was boring as hell but im like
100% possitive that im gonna win the election for governor.
itll be deffinate good times. im sitting here finding
lyrics to some good songs, then im gonna get some food from
mom when she comes home. then im gonna pass the fuck out
cause im sick. another reason my entries are few and short,
CAUSE I FEEL LIKE CRAP. later details about party at mikes
and crazy stuff like that