what happened?
2001-09-23 01:03:09 (UTC)

The Results

So I'm here the second week after the terrorist attack. My
family is affected mentally and financially. I know we're
not the only one, but rather the whole world is in some
form or other suffering along side with us. I personally
don't want Mr. President to launch a military attack
against those terrorist nations. It's so money consuming.
I mean if a country is in need of money starting a war
would help it but the people suffer. I don't want anyone
to suffer. I want those to be held responsible for their
actions, but I don't want anymore blood. I wish those
people can be grown enough to accept what they did was
wrong so the whole world can go back to peace time. I wish
they would just stand out and say what we did was shameful
and that we are sorry. I wish that they could find it in
their hearts to not hate us so much and just live their
heppy lives without a vengeful heart. I thought they were
muslims? I thought that their peaceful religion would
promote peace and lead them to a life without blood and
vengence. People are so wrong and I wish that the young
generations are reared the proper way. I don't want the
future to be full of murderous citizens......