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2003-02-09 23:51:31 (UTC)

Case Of The Mondays

Sunday night..6:34... and I'm sitting here being paranoid
about my stupid report card..eesh. Not to mention the 2
tests I have tomorrow...which I definitely did not study
for.. Monday sucks...oh well..I should stop complaing about
when it's only Sunday...whatever happens happens I suppose.

Anyway.. I talked to my friend Josh who I havent talked
to in a couple months last night.. I was wicked surprised
when he called.. it was nice to talk to him again.. We
talked about Caddyshack... I used to love that movie when I
was little... and just the other day.. I watched it for the
first time in years... and ever since then, it's been on tv
every fuckin day. Oh well.. it made my weekend...

Next..I wanna thank Mr. Anonymous for calling me an
asshole... I saw the message.. and at first I was
offended.. but then I remembered that I asked someone to do
that.. It's not everyday someone does what I tell them
to.. so it kind of caught me off guard.. but thank you...
you made my day...

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