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2003-02-09 23:45:46 (UTC)

I close my eyes just for tonight, the sun still sleeps when she awakes

the weekend's over...but it was pretty exciting....

friday, i went to this party thing at elm st. (haha creepy
like nightmare on elm street) but it was in the middle of
nowhere no houses for miles so a bunch of people were
there. it was fun. then me and some friends went to the
fair. and then to denny's. we meet up with some chicks and
then later on they ended up coming over to keene's house.
overall it was fun. a little drama when kyle and nick got
into an arguement but it didn't ruin our night.
saturday... at about 12 i had to go to oveido high school
for band essemble/solo. i am in brass choir and we got a
superior so that means we'll go to states...i'm excited
about states cus it's supposedly far away so that means
band trip!!! i cant wait, it'll be a blast. certain
friendships involving band are definately smoothing out,
actually on a very good note. so that makes me happy as a
seal. well back to my weekend. came home on sat. and
napped almost all day...then keene called and we went to
his house, chris came over and we watched requiem for a
dream and then got the giggles and then watched monty
python and the search for the holy grail...holy shit it
was sooooo funny. especially cus we had the giggles. well
then we went back to the fair and then came home and just
hung out and shit. sunday... we sat around all day...it
was raining so no skating... we got keenes mom to take us
to blockbuster, we rented donnie darko.. and chris and
keene loved it. i like showing people good movies they've
never seen. well that's all for the weekend.

obviously my mom trusts me more cus i spent the night out
friday and sat... this was the first time in the new year
that i've spent the night at someoneelses house. it was
fun. well no really dramatic shit going on, so that's it.

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