Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-02-09 23:44:26 (UTC)

02/09/03 Depression days....

Hmmm. Sometimes a dark breeze just seems to blow through my
head. Like a dark and shadowy sylph just wants to play with
my mind, cause she has nothing else to do.

Lately I cannot control my thoughts or emotions. They
drudge thru the depths of despair, and fly through the
clouds, and swim through the murky sea of uncertainty. Yes,
Manic depression has a lot of variety, but the same ol song
and dance.

I worry too much I guess. I worry about Jason, and his
family, about my family, about every aspect of my life. I
guess I should try to be a bit more relaxed, but it's hard
when the medication just doesn't seem to help anymore.

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