just me...
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2003-02-09 23:32:07 (UTC)

i feel horrible :(

last nite i woke up at 2:30 and couldn't go back to bed.
my tummy was killin me, my throat was clogged, and my head
was spinning~ yea, and i hadn't eaten dinner last nite cuz
i wasn't hungry, so i went and ate a bowl of cereal...and
after it filled my tummy a little, i went back to bed. this morning my dad comes in and wakes me every day of the week. and occasionally, i'll
stay in bed cuz i didn't finish my homework or
something...but this time, i wasn't sure i could get outta
bed. and every morning, i wake up and i wanna see
kris...he's my motivation to get outta bed. but this
mornin, i couldn't even think. i felt HORRIBLE. my
throat kept tightenin up, and i felt like at any minute,
out goes everything i ever ate. my head...still
spinnin...and everything just HURTS! :( so yea, here i am
sittin at home...hopefully i'll feel better in a lil bit,
i got alg 2 today and sociology is just a fun class...and
i wanna see my kris! :) he always makes me feel better!