"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-23 00:40:19 (UTC)

Same ol' same ol'

Well, I had a pretty boring day and tomorrow is not
looking good either. We had The stokes Stomp today, and I
seen some people I knew and Tiffani was there to. I seen a
lot of my friends that are not in band there to. We had to
march in the parade and it was down hill about the whole
way. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be it ended up
pretty kool. The only bad thing IT WAS HOT. When we
marched down the road I thought I was going to burn up to
death. But I didnt thank God. Then I came home and I
started watching a little T.V. (I dont watch it as much as
I used to) and I fell asleep about 2 I think. I woke up
about 5 or so and I was like "yep another boring weekend"
except for eariler that day and Friday night.
This girl Amanda likes me and my friend Brant likes
her. He is not the best looking but he likes her alot and
wants to go out with her. He got on the internet asking me
if I liked her and how could he get to know her. I was
like try to get her phone number then call her and start
talking to her. So I think he is going to try it and I
hope it works cause I dont want Brant to get hurt even
though hes not my best friend.
Well, tomorrow I am not going to do anything but go
to church. Thats all I have planned right now maybe
somebody might want to do something but I dont think so.
Thats ok though I will just go wash my car( I do that ever
weekend just because there is nuttin else to do). Then I
might watch a movie at my house I dont know.
We have 6 more games left and I hope we win at
least one of them. Right now we are 1-3 and I hate that.
Tiffani said she is going to to I think our next home game
to take pictures so I might get my picture taken making a
touchdown or something. Plus she will get to see my good
skills,lol. Coach he was mad when we lost to North he took
my friend's helmet and threw it down and all the pads came
out and went all over the place. I got me a touchdown in
the North game though. The was pretty kool. well I guess i
have written enough. bye bye#3

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