I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-09-23 00:15:40 (UTC)

It's september

I went to Super WalMart yesterday. I was looking for pool
chlorine. I prefer SuperTarget, but it's more expensive.
anyway, I was at WalMart and looking for the chlorine and
got lost. I had no idea where it was. I started at
because it could have been there, but I got lost in toys
my way there. I finally left toys (too many small children
to step on) and lo and behold, what did I find? No, not
pool supplies, but CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Come on, it's
September!! There was a whole section with lights, and
saxaphone playing Santas and fake raindeer. Most, no, ALL
of it was very tacky. I'm not ready for Christmas. I like
it and all, but Christmas makes me think of money which I
don't have. Here I am living at home with no job and there
are Christmas decorations in Super WalMart. *sigh* I
need a job. Any job that pays US currency. I don't care at
this point. I've finally decided what to do with my life.
I'm going to be a PR person. I decided that it is
that I could do, and make a decent wage and that it was
time to grow up and stop dreaming about the perfect job.
Who knows, maybe this will be my perfect job, but I need
bite the bullet and shut up and start to put up. I'm 21
living at home for Gods Sakes! In an extra-small twin bed
at that!! ~L!! GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR!!!

This is all for now. I'm going out.