Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-02-09 22:56:51 (UTC)

Work is good, life is ok

Work is good, and I am enjoying it, at least when I work
with Shane, but Cheryl is a idiot. I am just trying to
make fun and plans on Vegas still. I have no really fun
outside of working with Shane. I really want something
good in this life to makes things better for me. I really
hate this all work and nothing else.

Duane almost forced time with me today. But hey, I made
him buy me lunch for the forced time. Plus he tried to get
me to bring him to my place and you know. And I am not
doing that with anyone right now. I have been so good. I
want to wait at least until I move or if the right person
enters my life before then, maybe but otherwise, NOTHING!!!

Well, bye for now...


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