Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2001-09-22 23:53:37 (UTC)

Don't sell out.

So, I read this thing on my best friends web page, it was a
little editorial called "Food For Thought" about britney
spears and how most bands sell out. Seeing what I've
written so far in this diary, I feel like I'm selling
myself short, and thats not cool. So i erased them, lol. Now I'm
going to comment on this food for thought. In talking about
artists selling out, he focused in on pop star, Brittany
Spears. Now, I know he did this cause he has this thing for
her, but I wanted to say that there is a BIG difference
between a pop star and a musical artist. Brittany gets her
hair and make up done, has a trainer to work out her
perfect body, takes voice lessons, lip syncs her concerts,
has a choreographer for her dance numbers, and generally
doesn't use her own music. So, what exactly can you say
about her being a musical artist? None of this art comes
from her.Is that wrong? No, she's a pop star, thats what
she does. She is an idol, a picture girl, dancer, ect.. so
there isn't anything wrong with her performing in a pepsi
commercial, thats what she does.. thats what her role as a
pop star is. She's there for the fame and the money because
thats what she loves to do and there is nothing wrong with
that. for musical artists on the other hand, it gets to the
point of selling out when they lose touch of what they are
there for. Like, when people find something that they like
to do and are good at doing, so they twist it and torture
it and make money at it, and after a while they can't find
a hint of what it was that they started out loving. Thats
selling out.