Kat Eyes
2001-09-22 23:50:54 (UTC)

later on...sept.22,2001

well,i just got back from the mall.i got a ton of stuff.and
the new christina aguilera cd."just be free"it's pretty
cool.but anyway...while we were at the mall,my dad and
lissa stopped at a ring stand while i was looking in
pacific sunwear.i was waiting for them,but they weren't
coming,so i went to find them.lissa was having her wedding
ring inlarged.(her husband was in a firestone car accident
and he died,but she still wears her ring)she found another
pretty ring that fit on her pinky.it was white gold and had
a diamond in it.it was on sale.the original price was 750
dollars,but all the rings were 80% off.dad said something
like he was gonna get it for her.he wanted her to go shop
with me and he'd catch up.while her and i were at the
register,he came up next to me and opened me little purse
that i had with me.he put a little box in there.i still
have it right now.they're both gonna go to the hard rock
cafe tonight with some other people from chat.i know that
this is totally jumping to conclusions,but maybe its an
engagement ring.maybe he'll ask her tonight at the
cafe.under the big cone bra of madonnas or something.i
think that'd be cool.lissa's cool and everything.i just
can't picture my dad settling down.you know,being a-one-
women-man.but it'd still be cool.i could have a step
mom.but that means i'd have to move to florida!oh,i donno
what i want right now.we're going to florida in
thanksgiving,maybe i'll make a decision once i actually see