Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2001-09-22 23:45:11 (UTC)


Yeah, so september 11th was a few weeks ago. But still, its
affects on america will last for a real long time. I'm not
going to say "I can't believe something like this happened"
and im not going to say"lets get em!" I'm just gonna say,
that it was a terrible thing and my heart cries out to
those people.

I mean, we live in america (or at least I do) and for so
long, we've been the richest, untouchable, country, and we
didn't really have any big problems. At school and
everywhere we're taught to be individuals. Everyone is
entitled to their own opinion, right? chea, so we all
indulge our worries, concerns, practices, hopes, thoughts
and every moves around and about ourselves, our problems,
our situations, and we missed the big picture. Now that
something like this has taken place, we get a small small
glimpse of how small we really are. Wow.

Some people are barely bothered by these things, I dont get
that. But I guess its out of my control. Out of my reach.
Maybe this nation will be changed for the better because of
this. Its horrifying to think that we needed something this
big, something this terrible to open our eyes.

Well, thats all I have for today. See ya.