A Few Thoughts From the Peanut Gallory
2003-02-09 21:41:27 (UTC)

flash cards

I've been standing alown in the window where the light is
God's been watching me for
-i don't know how long,
The people i luvs the most doing shit I wish not to know,

Death has been nocking on my door,
And i snuck around out back,
Friends hate me now,
luvers just "giving *US* sum slack",
and the people i care for the most long since gone,
forgoten trails of our past,
Still in wonder who was wrong?

I hate to let you all down,
but i still luv you all,
Hate me if thats in the cards,
It'll last through this all,
It'll last within me,
I shall stand,

OMG...I am too sick to even wright! :'(