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2001-09-22 20:00:19 (UTC)

My friend my girl - thanks for loving me

It is almost Springer here, world shows the faces to each
hemispheres in right seasons.
Today I saw my beloved friends in lonely street. I made
company to Mel to outside street of my home town. She
was good as ever been. My heart was in another place or
mean I was so happy I saw her I hadn't words those time.
In real I have many unsolved question I almost have no
time for myself and it can be worst supported by size of
my town. As little as my heart, so large as my friends
heart are.
Dark blue clouds at ending of afternoon with holes in sky
that show the red top of clouds. Springer is almost here
with new dreams to be build. It is almost three season
since I know better my sweet friends. In outside street
she wrote me a little card of friendship full of stars.
I have lost most of my dreams. By time my heart created
ice darts. I became so blind to see the little things.
Friends is what I nearly know as love was for me.
Night is comming I will proof them my heart can melt down.
I must it because they loved me so much and spent most of
dreams on me.
If you thought that friendship is made of ice
know that I put it back to freezer everynight
because everytime I see
you my heart melts. Please don't let it break while
your caress is not there to warm.
by me